Semi-Bulk Systems can help you optimize your process efficiencies and achieve lower manufacturing costs. We offer the most efficient and modular processes for Powder Handling and Powder/Liquid Mixing - a TOTAL Solution!


Improved powder liquid mixing for batch to batch consistency. 

The VACUCAM® Modular Dynamic Beverage Batching Stations offer the total solution to meet all of your mix room needs —for today’s immediate challenges and tomorrow’s changing requirements and capacity demands… NOW & FOR THE FUTURE.  New Beverage introductions require new or additional process requirements.
·         To handle changing ingredients that cannot be mixed efficiently with traditional mix stations or mixing technology.
·         To handle bulk bag addition of ingredients as well as small packages for dry and liquid minors.
·         To handle the changing needs for sweeteners and addition of totally new ingredients.

TECHNOLOGY to provide the most efficient Dispersion, Mixing and Hydration for ALL dry ingredients!   Semi-Bulk Systems offers the VACUCAM® Ejector Mixer Dynamic Batching Station which addresses the most efficient dispersion and mixing of ALL dry ingredients used in today’s broad range of product types and ALL Beverage Processes: 
MODULAR DESIGN TO EXPAND Process Capabilities for a TOTAL Mix process:
·         Meet growing and changing demands w/ Modular additions to same system.
·         Build Total Sustainable process for ALL Mix Requirements.
·         Accommodate dry feed from paper bag, drums, bulk bag or bulk.

Typical Ingredients/Mixes:                                       Beverage Processes:
·  Citric Acid                     ·  Dairy Powders                   ·  CSD Processes
·  Caffeine                        ·  Thickeners                         ·  Sports Drinks
·  Sucrose                            (Gums, Pectin & Starch)      ·  Nutritional Drinks
·  Maltodextrin                  ·  Tea Powders                     ·  Energy Drinks
·  Crystallized Fructose       ·  Sodium Citrate                  ·  Dairy Beverages
·  Aspartame                     ·  Potassium Benzoate          ·  Juices & Tea
·  Erythritol                                                                   ·  Flavored Water
·  Formulations Requiring Emulsions

Standard Module processes include:

  • BEVERAGE BATCHING STATION –BBS-100.  EJM 100BB Mixer mounted on 500 liter batch tank w/ Air-Cone® hopper funnel. Provides rapid convey, mix and transfer of mix. 
  • DYNAMIC BEVERAGE BATCHING STATION available in Models DBBS 100, DBBS 150 OR DBBS 250.   Dynamic Beverage Batching Station with continuous transfer of mix.

Processes:  Accommodates Single Pass; Batch and Transfer; and Continuous Steady State.

Modules can be added to include:
~   Mo
dule A.1-Dynamic batching w/ continuous steady state transfer and density control. Process accommodates continuous syrup making and transfer to storage or blend tank.
~  Module B – Dynamic Beverage Batching Station w/ addition of minor liquid additions – incorporates liquid dump funnel w/ spray ball.
~  Module B.1- Incorporates addition of drum wnd connected to Vacucam® Ejector Mixer as vacuum source.
~  Module B.1.1 – Incorporates addition of vacuum pump for unloading and transferring drums of liquid ingredients.

FLOOR LEVEL OPERATION  ELIMINATE OPERATOR PLATFORMS. Semi-Bulk Systems also supports the Beverage industry with the most efficient and high capacity processes for Sugar Liquefication

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