Paint & Coatings

Semi-Bulk Systems can help you optimize your process efficiencies and achieve lower manufacturing costs. We offer the most efficient and modular processes for Powder Handling and Powder/Liquid Mixing - a TOTAL Solution!


Achieve high quality paint color and increase plant capacity.

Paint/Pigment Slurries (TIO2, CaCO3, Clay, Silica, etc.) can be produced at very high capacities using the VACUCAM® Continuous Steady State Slurry Process. This process offers the Paint Industry the capability to increase slurry capacity by 300-400% with less personnel, with greater than 75% energy savings per ton of slurry, with consistent dispersion quality, and with significant reduction in COGS/gallon of paint.  The Steady State process will disperse approximately 20 MTPH of pigment into 60-80% slurry (to within 1% of slurry dilatancy).  This 21st Century Paint Process will allow a paint manufacturer to produce individual master batch slurries, at maximum concentration, of each individual pigment and continuously deliver each slurry to its respective slurry storage tank. To formulate a batch of paint, the operator selects the appropriate menu on the computer and the system will automatically pump the appropriate amounts of master slurries into a blend tank, which will then deliver the finished formula to the canning line. This process has been demonstrated to increase plant capacity by 400%, reduce plant personnel by 30% and reduce manufacturing costs by $0.40/gallon of paint.

This Continuous Steady State Process is totally automated and is designed to  recycle slurry through the VACUCAM® Ejector Mixer mounted tangentially into the top of a small de-aeration tank. The Mixer will convey and mix powder at a rate delivered and controlled by the continuous scale feeder. The water addition is automatically slaved to the dry powder addition, and the multiple additive additions are slaved to the water addition to continuously deliver the design ratio of ingredients to produce a finished slurry. The set-point slurry concentration is continuously maintained as the level set-point in the slurry tank controls the transfer pump to continuously deliver finished slurry to storage.

The dry side of the Continuous Steady State Process is designed to maintain the capacity feed of dry ingredients to the Ejector Mixer. The dry side can be fed from high capacity bulk bag unloading systems, from dry pigment silos, or directly from rail car or hopper truck unloading.

Paint/Pigment Slurries can also be produced with the VACUCAM® Batch Recycle Steady State Process. This process is available to produce capacities from 8 MTPH of dry pigment to 20MTPH of dry pigment into 60-80% slurry (to within 1% of slurry dilatancy) on a batch basis.  This process is designed for a single pigment slurry or for multiple dry ingredients into a desired slurry formula. Appropriate water additions are added to the suction of the pump to maintain slurry concentration below the dilatancy level.  Additives are ratio controlled to the water addition to meet formula rheology and pumpability.

The dry side of the process is designed to maintain the capacity feed of dry ingredients to the Ejector Mixer.  Appropriate bulk bag or paper bag unload systems are provided for the process.

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