Food Ingredients

Semi-Bulk Systems can help you optimize your process efficiencies and achieve lower manufacturing costs. We offer the most efficient and modular processes for Powder Handling and Powder/Liquid Mixing - a TOTAL Solution!


Superior dry ingredient mixer and powder liquid mixer.

The variety of dry powdered ingredients and chemicals used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial areas is endless. The challenges facing the producers of such food ingredient materials are very much the same as those facing the end users of the materials they produce.  Since the nature and constituency of these food ingredient materials spans the spectrum of drys and liquids; so too will the specific process supplied from Semi-Bulk Systems.

The Vacucam® Process when applied to the process that produces the compound or ingredient, provides the same valuable benefits enjoyed by our mutual end user customers. The dry side of the process will be configured based on the volume of individual ingredients, the number of individual ingredients serving the process, and the type of package used for shipping the individual dry ingredients. Dry side system components can be a single Bag Dump Hopper for minor ingredients, a single PH Bulk Bag Surge Hopper for bulk bag ingredients, multiple Bulk Bag Surge Hoppers, or any combination as required. Process control automation is critical in assuring proper sequencing, loss in weight delivery with line sweep and total batch to batch consistency. Large producers of high volume powdered materials may apply our designs for full bulk dry handling and our Continuous Steady State Dynamic Batching.