Sugar Process Efficiencies Used By Fortune 50 Companies

Using state-of-the-art solutions, you can optimize process efficiencies and achieve lower manufacturing costs - allowing you to compete more effectively in today's fierce competitive environment for soft drinks, energy drinks, dairy beverage drinks, frozen desserts, yogurt and more.

Control Batch-to-Batch Consistency

Reduce supplier and storage problems by moving syrup production in-house to help eliminate quality issues related to poor water quality from your liquid supplier. All processes are designed and built to USDA/3A specifications and include CIP compatibility of all components on both the dry and the wet sides of the process.

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Reduce Overall Costs

Reduce inbound syrup transportation costs by more than 32%. Significantly reduce raw material cost by buying granular sugar on the open market - better control of your sugar supply and costs. Eliminate quality issues related to carmalization by lowering the process temperature and controlling water quality.

Total Solution in One Skidded Unit

The VACUCAM® Ejector Mixer Technology offers major benefits to the the food and beverage Industries for rapid and very efficient hydration of ALL thickeners and dry functionalizing ingredients like gums, cellulosics, polymers, starches, and stabilizers.


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Dry Sucrose to Syrup–The Total Solution


Welcome to Semi-Bulk Systems. As a leading manufacturer of dry ingredient handling and dry/liquid mixing processes, Semi-Bulk Systems offers a series of modular, skidded, pre-packaged process solutions. Our unique and patented technology, including the VACUCAM® Ejector Mixer and the air-cone hopper, is incorporated into our modular process solutions for manufacturing throughout food and industrial operations, requiring dry and liquid mixing.

Semi-Bulk Systems is replacing inefficient traditional mix processes with state-of-the-art, Best Available Technology (BAT) based on our VACUCAM® mixing technology.

Sugar Liquefication Has Never Been Easier.


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Sugar handling and sugar liquefication are essential requirements for beverage production. Bulk sugar delivery provides beverage makers one of the most efficient and economical delivery benefits. However, bulk sugar processes are only economical if they are long-term, high-capacity solutions.


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Sugar Process Matrix

Semi-Bulk Systems provides the beverage industry with the single best solution for the increased sucrose demand and efficient in-plant conversion from dry sucrose-to-sucrose syrup. A solution that doesn’t require replacement of parts or restructuring the whole system to meet higher capacity needs.

The modular schematic matrix of process options address SBS’ capability to provide the complete turnkey process design. From the total dry side capability with bulk bags, with bulk truck or bulk rail unloading, silo storage, conveying and transfer to process area.

Our one solution can work now and into the future.


Our proprietary technology makes higher capacity possible.

The VACUCAM® Ejector Mixer Dynamic Sugar Liquefication™ Processes from Semi-Bulk Systems offer the most efficient processes on the market for rapidly converting dry sucrose to syrup. Modular skidded process options are available to deliver Dynamic Batching or Dynamic Continuous Steady State processes directly from bulk bags, bulk truck or bulk silos. The flexibility of the process options provide the capability to deliver high brix syrup directly to syrup storage or produce batch sugar requirements on a Batch Demand basis directly to the blend tanks. Download our Sugar Liquefication Brochure.


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